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Updated version of 0 July 1 , 2018


Sales made on the website www. ivorianmarket . com are exclusively reserved for non-commercial adult natural persons purchasing on a non-professional basis, holders of an email address and a delivery address located in one of the areas served by IVORIAN MARKET . To know if the desired place of delivery is part of the areas served by IVORIAN MARKET , thank you kindly enter the postal code of the place desired for delivery in the area provided for this eff and on the registration page.

No delivery or after-sales service will be performed outside this territory. The present general conditions of sale and the specific conditions of sale specific to each of the articles offered on the site govern the relations between IVORIAN MARKET and its customers, to the exclusion of any other condition.




Any confirmation by the customer of an order entered on the www. ivorianmarket . com (hereinafter the Site) assumes on its part the acceptance of these terms and conditions IVORIAN MARKET , subject to Ivorian law and the acceptance of the particular conditions of its order (articles ordered as presented on the site in the limit of the quantities mentioned). As such, no order can be sent unless the customer has previously and expressly indicated, by ticking the box provided for this purpose, that he has read and agrees to these terms and conditions of sale. It is finally stated here that the customer has, before this confirmation, a mechanism allowing him to correct or modify his choices. This mechanism is accessible at each stage of the order entry process .

The customer has the possibility to print the general conditions of sale or to save them in pdf format:

Download the current GTC at 01 July 2018




2.1 Supply of products and services

The list and the characteristics of the products offered on IVORIAN MARKET are likely to be modified and adapted at any time to better meet the expectations of the customer. The products and services offered on the Site comply with Ivorian legislation and standards applicable in Côte d'Ivoire . The products and services offered on the Site are intended solely for private use. The purchaser remains the sole judge of the conditions of compatibility of IVORIAN MARKET's products and services with its use and thecomplementary products already in its possession.

To ensure the availability of products sold by IVORIAN MARKET with regard to its customers, especially during promotional offers, IVORIAN MARKET reserves the right to refuse to honor all or part of an order considered abnormal with regard to the quantities of products usually ordered by a consumer.


2.2 Availability of products

Products and services are available at the prices and conditions offered as long as they are visible on the IVORIAN MARKET website (in the limit of the available stock). Information regarding the availability of products comes directly from our suppliers andIVORIAN MARKET service providers and may exceptionally be inaccurate or inaccurate. IVORIAN MARKET undertakes, in this case to provide the customer with any additional clarification necessary for the proper conduct of his order. Upon validation of the order, IVORIAN MARKET confirms to the customer the availability of the products ordered. In the exceptional case where the information relating to the availability of the products would be incorrect, IVORIAN MARKET undertakes to inform the customer by email or phone and to provide any additional clarification necessary for the smooth running of his order.



During the first order, and in order to personalize the environment of each customer, a username and a password are chosen and entered by this one. A unique control of the identifier is then performed by the system. The username and password are proof of the customer's identity and are binding on any order placed through them.


The customer is the only person responsible for his username and password. He alone will bear the consequences that could result from any use by third parties who would have known about them, unless he shows that the knowledge of his username and password is the result of a fault of IVORIAN MARKET .

In case of forgetfulness of his password or his username or in case of fear that a third party could have knowledge of it, the customer has on the site of a function allowing him to find his identifier and to choose a new password. The system then automatically deletes the bank details that may have been saved during a previous order.




4.1 Registration, sending or withdrawal of the order

An order placed on the IVORIAN MARKET website is limited, on the one hand, by a minimum total amount (cost of goods including VAT, excluding service fees), on the other hand by maximum quantities. These limits are specified on the site. All order entry is summarized at the same time before the customer is invited to confirm his order by indicating his choice as to the date, the time slot (subject to availability), the delivery address and the means of delivery. payment. The customer then has the opportunity to correct or complete his order. The customer is then asked to "validate and pay"; this confirmation of order by double click constitutes firm and final validation under the reservation referred to in the following paragraph. Any order with choice of payment by credit card or payment card is only considered effective when the payment centers concerned have given their agreement. In case of refusal of said centers, the order is automatically canceled and the customer warned by a message on the screen.


4.2 Confirmation of the receipt of the order by IVORIAN MARKET , preparation of the order and formation of the contract

IVORIAN MARKET confirms to the customer the receipt of his order. This confirmation is communicated to the customer by email summarizing the products ordered, the date as well as the delivery time slot, the payment method chosen (online by credit card, or by check on delivery) and indicating an order number. All prices mentioned on this mail include VAT. The possible unavailability of certain items on this date does not affect the order of the other products. The customer is informed by e-mail (e-mail) of any unavailable items and their price is obviously deducted from the total price of the order entered by the customer.

IVORIAN MARKET reserves the right not to accept an order for a legitimate reason, such as a difficulty of supplying a product, a problem concerning the understanding of the order received (illegible document ...), a foreseeable problem concerning the delivery to be made (example: delivery requested in a geographical area where there are proven risks of aggression or verbal or physical threats against our delivery drivers or degradation of our delivery trucks or climatic hazards or natural disaster ) or due to the abnormality of the order made on our website. In particular, any new order from a customer with whom there exists, on the day of the order, an ongoing dispute over the payment of a previous order or any order mentioning a delivery address that would prove to be incoherent or any order that exceeds the usual needs of a consumer and may render impossible the delivery of our other customers.

In the event that an order can not be accepted for one of the aforementioned reasons, IVORIAN MARKET inform the customer by e-mail. In particular, the customer is asked to regularly check his email box to see any message that could be sent to him byIVORIAN MARKET concerning the invalidity of his order or the impossibility of proceeding with the delivery.

The sales contract is perfect at the time of the confirmation of the order during the double-click. The order is then confirmed to the customer by sending a confirmation email. The transfer of risks to the customer occurs at the time of delivery home or the withdrawal of the order point withdrawal if the customer has opted for this delivery method. The information given by the customer, when placing an order, commits the latter: in case of error by the customer in the wording of his details or those of the place of delivery, including his name, first name, address, number of telephone, e-mail address or credit or debit card number, resulting in the loss of the products, the customer remains responsible for the payment of the lost products.


4.3 Evidence

IVORIAN MARKET's automatic registration systems are considered to be proof of the nature, content and date of the customer's order and the nature, content and date of confirmation of receipt of the order by IVORIAN MARKET and the nature, content and date of any email exchanged between IVORIAN MARKET and the customer. The information relating to any transaction made from the identifier will be stored and archived by IVORIAN MARKET , in compliance with the Ivorian legislation in force and will serve as evidence in case of dispute with the customer. They will have probative force in case of dispute between the parties and will be preserved by IVORIAN MARKET during the prescription period of common law.




Promotional offers usable on the site are subject to conditions:

Promotional offers are accessible by a promotional code that is sufficient to enter each order on the page "basket summary" to benefit .

They are limited to one offer per household (same name, same postal address) .




6.1. Terms of delivery

Delivery is carried out by IVORIAN MARKET deliverers or service providers in Côte d'Ivoire within the delivery areas served by IVORIAN MARKET . The place and the date of availability of the goods are chosen by the customer according to the different slots offered when he was ordered by IVORIAN MARKET . The customer agrees to take care of the goods upon their arrival:

  • AT HIS DOMICILE (according to the address entered when entering his order), at the hours and days agreed with IVORIAN MARKET when ordering. The customer agrees to provide proof of his identity by one or more official documents in force and by communicating the number that has been assigned by the system to his order and which was communicated to him in the email confirmation of the order by IVORIAN MARKET . Delivery is made at the door of his home.
  • IN THE HOME OF A THIRD PARTY OF HIS CHOICE at the hours and days agreed with IVORIAN MARKET during the order. In this case, the third party must also agree to provide proof of identity by one or more pieces of identification in force and to communicate the number that has been assigned to the order by the system and which has been communicated to the customer in the order confirmation email from IVORIAN MARKET . Delivery is made at the door of his home.
  • IN POINT WITHDRAWN from the date on which the customer was informed of the availability of his order in point withdrawal. Upon withdrawal of the order, the customer agrees to provide proof of identity by providing one or more pieces of official identity in force and to communicate the number that has been assigned to the order by the system and communicated to the customer in the confirmation e-mail of the order. Upon withdrawal, the products belong to the customer and are therefore under his responsibility.
  • AT THE POINT OF WITHDRAWAL OF GROUP DELIVERIES to the hours and days agreed with IVORIAN MARKET when ordering. The lack of presentation of the customer in the agreed time slot impacts all deliveries of the day. Upon withdrawal of the order, the customer agrees to provide proof of identity by providing one or more pieces of official identity in force and to communicate the number that has been assigned to the order by the system and communicated to the customer in the confirmation e-mail of the order. Delivery is made to the designated collection pickup point.


6.2. Receipt of order

Upon delivery, the customer has the obligation to check the condition of the package. In case of non-compliance during delivery, the customer must make reservations on the delivery note or refuse the goods. During home delivery or in-store withdrawal, the customer can check the conformity of the products ordered by unpacking them. The conformity of the order is understood as the presence of the products, their adequacy compared to the order and their apparent state.

The customer also undertakes to sign the voucher presented by the delivery representative of IVORIAN MARKET or the reception staff of the point of withdrawal or to give power to the third party receiving the goods to sign this voucher of signature on which may be made any remark that appears necessary on the status of the order or the number of items delivered. The signature of the certificate of registration and the indication of the number of packages received carry recognition of the delivery.


In the event that the customer finds, after opening packages, damaged or missing products, it is his responsibility to contact Customer Service within three (3) business days to obtain the exchange or refund of products subject to refund products at IVORIAN MARKET .

If IVORIAN MARKET is unable to proceed with the delivery, the customer is informed as soon as possible by any means such e-mails (e-mail) or telephone. IVORIAN MARKET undertakes further in this case to reimburse the cost of delivery as compensation, except in case of force majeure. Similarly, if the customer is unable to support the products at the agreed time for delivery (day and time slot), it is his responsibility to inform as soon as possible IVORIAN MARKET by any means such e-mails ( email) or phone.

Except in the event of waiver by IVORIAN MARKET , delivery costs will be borne by the customer.


6.3. Shipping cost

Delivery charges are the responsibility of the customer with the exception of special cases of support by IVORIAN MARKET Delivery services are invoiced according to the schedule below. The exact amount is specified before the validation of the order.

These services are invoiced according to the following scale:


My Cart Delivery Charge                                         

> 1 .000 FCFA Tariff not defined                           

100,000 CFA - 5 .000 CFA undefined Rate             

20,000 CFA - 5 .000 CFA undefined Rate             

< .000 CFA undefined Rate                                         




All orders (products and services) are payable in CFA Francs . The prices of products and services are subject to fluctuations and are updated regularly . The prices invoiced are those in force on the day of the validation of the order. They appear on the product and service presentation sheets and on the order summary. The prices indicated on the product lists and on the sheets entitled "detailed information" do not include delivery costs. The delivery costs are indicated on the site, during the summary of the order, before the customer does not validate the latter by double-clicking. The total price including VAT indicated in the confirmation of receipt of the order is the total price of the order entered, expressed all taxes including and including VAT.


8 . The processing of your order


.1 Information when ordering

The customer is responsible for the completeness and conformity of the information (delivery address, withdrawal point, bank details, delivery constraints ...) validated during the order.


.2 Tracking your order

By consulting the Site, the customer can follow the status of his order as soon as it is validated and for a period of one (1) year. It can also access on request to the customer service of Ivorian MARKET , retail in orders for an amount greater than 1 .000 CFA francs for a period of 10 years from the award of these orders.


9 . Payment terms


.1 Cash payment methods

To pay for your order online, the customer has all the payment methods offered during the final validation of his order. The mobile payments , the National Credit card, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal are accepted on the site. The customer explicitly acknowledges having the rights to use the payment method he has selected. When making a full payment online, the amount of the order actually delivered will be debited at the time of delivery.


.2 Payment of an order by check

Payment by check is available for any order. The check must be issued by a bank domiciled in Côte d'Ivoire .

In the case where he chooses a payment by check, the customer enters the 31 characters of his check on the Site and establishes it to the order of IVORIAN MARKET and then delivers the check on delivery, accompanied by a presentation of one or more pieces of identification.

In the absence of authorization of payment by credit card or card of payment or payment by check, the order is not put at the disposal of the customer.

Ivorian MARKET involved in the fight against fraud means of payment (check or credit card) and unpaid consultant to need her partner 's .

IVORIAN MARKET therefore retains ownership of the items delivered until full payment of the price by the customer and reserves the right not to take action or impose certain types of payment to the order of a customer making the subject to unresolved unpaid or whose means of payment have anomalies.


.3 Online Payment Security / Data Transmission

IVORIAN MARKET is committed to the security of online payments. The transmission of payment data is encrypted as soon as it is entered. It is impossible to read them during their single transfer via the Internet. The only information then circulating on the site www.ivorianmarket.com , during orders, is a coded number associated with the payment card which does not in any case to find the real card number.



IVORIAN MARKET is liable for defects of conformity as well as hidden defects of the thing sold. When the consumer acts within the framework of the legal guarantee of conformity, he benefits:

  • a period of two (2) years from the delivery of the property to act;
  • a choice, namely the possibility of opting for repair or replacement of the said good, subject to the cost conditions ;
  • the waiver of the report of the proof of the lack of conformity of the property when it acts within six months following the issuance of the


In the absence of payment of the sums due by a customer, IVORIAN MARKET can automatically suspend the validity of the customer identifier.



For any difficulty, the customer can write by email via the contact form or by mail to the following address: IVORIAN MARKET

18 BP 92 Abidjan 18. Cocody Riviera Palmeraie Minister Street, Abidjan - Ivory Coast Contact: (+225) 22 49 51 87